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The greatest ways we can help to stop children from begging on the streets is through empowering the children and their parents through education and work opportunities. This is where our Bali Life Street Kids Center comes in. The Center is in Denpasar and looks to serve the street children and their families who would usually be begging on the streets. The center has two main programs; the Street Kids Informal School and the Bali Life Women’s Workshops for the mums.

The informal school has two classrooms, a library and a play area for children at different levels to come and learn. We also have a large play area and garden for the kids to be kids. The kids come Monday to Friday from 9am and we provide breakfast, lunch, learning opportunities and play, they then return home before 5pm. It is a great program and we have vision to grow it even further. Our future vision is to have a third class for children who want to achieve a formal schooling certificate as well as vocational training for older children to get them out of the streets and gangs and into productive, meaningful work.


The Center also has the Bali Life Women’s Workshops for the mothers of the children. In order to get children off of the streets it is vital for them to still be able to earn a wage. The Bali Life Women’s Workshop is a place the women can come and make handicrafts and jewelry for our customers and in turn the mothers are paid a wage. Many of these handicrafts are being sold all over the world. Every day a woman can work is a day her children don’t have to go beg on the streets. If you have a craft idea and a way to sell your idea please contact us to set up a time to meet. Our future vision for this program is to expand into a larger operation with training for youth as well.


The Bali Life street work team carry out twice monthly visit to the streets of Kuta, offering food and clothing, and to assist with the basic hygiene and medical needs of the street beggars. This is also an opportunity for us to see any major needs for kids who may need rescuing from their situation. We aim that through the practical help, love and support shown, they will experience a new kind of love.
* His name has been changed to protect his identity.



What makes this program unique is the WHY.


As we live in Bali, Indonesia for 10 months of the year, we have had a long association with the Bali Life Foundation which started off as an Orphanage and children’s program, however it has now it has expanded to the Womens centre, providing single mothers / widowers/ victims of domestic abuse, both a safe and educational space, teaching them both life and trade skills to allow them to earn an income and provide a future for themselves and their children.

Over the coming 12 months, not only will we be providing the women in the Bali Life Womens Centre with training and developing their skills in pattern making, design and sewing but we will be creating employment opportunities for the women. 

We feel very strongly that charity is not just about creating jobs for a better future (something every women should have the right to anyway) but we will also be making a transparent donation to the Womens Centre over and above providing jobs and skills, from the sale of EVERY XO WITH LOVE tank. This will assist in their goal of building and developing better facilities for the women to learn new skills, actual production facilities, a day care / kindergarten for their children so they can come to work each day with the peace of mind that their children are right next door.

Eventually our goal is to have all of the XO WITH LOVE tanks made by the women and each hang tag will be signed with love by the woman who made it. This program is something that is very close to our hearts and we will get to see and share how we are all making a difference. We want to share this message with the world and we would love if we can find a way, together to achieve this.

Please support the XO WITH LOVE campaign and we would love you to share your social pics wearing your tank using the hashtag #xowithlove

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