Founder of Raiz The Bar

Chef Priscilla (BEd) has graduated from two (USA) Culinary Academies and Chocolate Arts School (Canada) specialising in plant based cuisine and nutrition and is a lover of organic whole real foods, fitness and intermittent fasting.

She is the founder of 'Fit. Food. Fast.' and is passionate about empowering and educating women to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

‘Chef P’ is also doing her Post-Graduate Masters Degree in Human Nutrition and is the founder of Asia's award winning raw chocolate, Raiz The Bar Chocolate. She has held workshops, private kitchens, catering events, and been featured on TVB Dolce Vita channel.

She adores being Mummy to her four year old daughter and eight year old son and resides with her family in Hong Kong.


Professional Surf Ironwoman

Lizzie Welborn is an 18 year old professional Surf Ironwoman from Sydney, Australia. She is one of the most accomplished young athletes that surf sport has seen in recent times, competing in two professional series and winning many prestigious titles.

Lizzie qualified for her first professional series when she was just 16, making her one of the youngest competitors to ever qualify. Alongside the professional series Lizzie has also represented Australia in 2 Australian Youth Teams and has competed at an open international level.

Outside of competing Lizzie is known for her hard work, dedication to the sport, never being too busy to devote time to coaching nippers, supporting other competitors or chatting with fans on the beach. She is already widely regarded as a positive role model in and out of the surf.


Professional Surfer

Claire is a professional surfer from Australia. She joined the World Championship Tour in 2004 and has too many titles to mention here on one page however her trouncing of the 2009 Pipeline Pro Hawaii cannot go without mention.

Claire embodies our active lifestyle ethos with her eco environment loving attitude and love for life.

You could say she is a girl on the go, she loves to surf, snow, skate, write, blog, garden, make art, bike, run, swim, dive, yoga, hike, sing, drum, hunt, gather, coach, jump, DANCE, wrestle, cuddle, cook, clean, spin, film, edit, debate, trade, RECYCLE...etc natural VERSATILITY is her motivation.

You can see why we love her and are proud to have her as part of the XO CREW.


Founder / Unleash Your Inner Siren

Courtney Arndt aka Coco Sirens is a vegan model and actress with a decade of experience in the fashion and entertainment industry.

As the Founder of the uber popular course 'Unleash Your Inner Siren', Courtney is passionate about teaching other women about the journey of self love and self discovery.

She lives and breathes an active lifestyle and is eager to try any type of fitness, but keeps in photoshoot shape with boxing and Yoga.
Although a wanderlust nomad travelling the world to exotic locations for work she is born and bred in Hawaii and now calls Bali home.

Coco also happens to be our XO model for all of our ecommerce shoots.

Follow her on this journey of traveling, creation and art, and new experiences.​​​​​​​


Fitness & Lifestyle  Influencer

Ely Fisher is young beautiful and dynamic woman, who we have found to be fearless, wild spirited and with her contagious laugh, is one who never holds back on her socials.

She is someone who stands for beauty in all areas, whether that be through fitness and her incredible weight loss journey, through her fashion posts and makeup, through her comedic stories, her realism posts and her life as a young Mum and wife to a travelling musician, coupled with her desire to motivate and encourage those around her is truly amazing.

Her life is colorful and inviting, loud and exciting, her life - is an active one!

She’s a beach bum from Perth, Western Australia, who prefers to wear no shoes and we are proud to have on our XO ACTIVE team